Friday, November 29, 2013

Photo of the Day #42: On the Right Tracks

I was doing some photo shoots for a magazine in October 2008 in Lempäälä and managed to grab some pictures just for my own pleasure.

Of course the picture is just about as cliched as possible, but I hadn't gotten my version of the cliché yet, so I felt entitled to have a go. Of course if a really nice moment arises I won't hesitate to replicate this idea: after all the strong straight line of the railroad tracks leading to the horizon evokes so many images.

Anyhow Lempäälä is an important place for me, as my great grandad (check built his summer villa there and my grandfather had his own small villa (pikkuhuvila) there, where we spent many a summer day, by the Kuokkalankoski rapid.

Despite the fact my knowledge of the surroundings could be improved, even though I lived in the neighboring city of Tampere for ten years. For instance I didn't know that Lempäälä is technically an island -just check Google maps for that.
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