Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Photo of the day #19: Highway to Heaven

This is photo  is from a very special trip. I got married in July 2011 and took a hot air balloon ride as a sort of pre-honeymoon. Granted that the trip might have been even more romantic if I hadn't taken so many pictures and my wife hadn't been as acrophobic, but I did manage to take plenty of pretty pictures until as the cruel fate of irony would have it -possibly the hot air from the burner loosed the shutter from my camera (i.e. broke it) and I was allowed some uninterrupted romantic moments with my wife in the end.

And as P.S. if have to commend Canon for providing a free fix for the shutter -I think not every camera maker would go as far as that to please their customers (especially as the camera is a second hand one).
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