Friday, November 01, 2013

Photo of the Day #14:Roses are Red, Cheating is too

I took this picture of rose with water drops in June 2005. I'm rather happy with the picture, but there is a nasty story that taints it. I had the picture on my website ( and I had introduced a very rudimentary guide to purchase pictures.

I hadn't really sold any pictures that way, and wasn't really putting much effort into it. So I was surprised a couple of years ago, when I received my first order of several photos. Someone had browsed my website and had found several pictures he liked and placed an order of seven printed pictures. I was rather happy for the sudden interest and sent the pictures via print service to the young man anxiously awaiting for the pictures.

Being a trusting Finn, I had paid for the prints myself and sent a bill to the young man so he could pay by internet bank (common in Finland -we don't use checks). I waiting for a while, but after a long wait I began to realize I had been duped. The young man wasn't intending to pay, the scoundrel.

I contacted the bailiff officer to inquire what I could do to retrieve what was owed to me. The friendly officer was able to inform me that the fellow had already incurred a sizable debt and the prospects of obtaining what was rightly mine were extremely dim. So I decided to let it go and considered it a lesson learned -I won't fall for the same one again...

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