Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Photo of the Day #39: Giant's Doorstep

I was touring Ireland (north and south) with my sister Eveliina in August 2008. We had planned an extensive itinerary for us, with quite an optimistic take on how long it actually takes to travel to places and also have some time to experience them.

Well we had planned to drive ca. 250 km from the Dublin airport car rental to the Giant's Causeway and stop in several places along the way. Everything seemed to be going rather well until at some point we realized that the sun would set before we reached the Causeway if we didn't hurry.

We hopped in the rental car and drove as fast as we dared, but it seemed that the sun was running faster than us. Especially the last kilometers of the journey seemed to take forever on winding rural roads. The Causeway was looming just ahead of us as the sun sank under the horizon, but I realized that it would be hopeless to try to outrun the sun.

So I made the best of the situation and took some stunning photos of the surrounding area. And in the end I did manage to get to the hexagonal rocks of the Giant's Causeway and took some OK pictures of the rocks, even if they were illuminated by the gloomy light of dusk.
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