Monday, November 18, 2013

Photo of the Day #31: Peerless Pier

I was in Lempäälä this June, on a small photo excursion with my friend Mikko. The day seemed to be fine, and it being just a couple of days to midsummer, the sun wasn't about to set anytime soon.

However this being Finland, the June weather turned quite damp and the balmy sunshine changed in to drizzle, which eventually became a right downpour. Fascinatingly the best pictures of the trip where when the weather changed and there was still some diffuse sunshine and light drizzle.

We were on a small pier on a forest pond, which had seen better days and by the look of it wasn't much in use anymore. The pier was growing grass and a barrel used when washing rug, was happily rusting on the side.

I composed the edge of the pier to form a Zorro Z and voilà -there was a peerless photo :)
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