Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photo of the Day #36: Chasing Waterfalls

Today I'm posting a rare (for me that is) black & white (sepia) photo of Gavarnie Falls. The Falls are located at the far edge of a vast semicircular wall of stone, called cirque, in the the province of  Hautes-Pyrénées. I'll probably be posting some other photos of the place in the future.

A French friend of ours knew the place and absolutely wanted to take us there to see the famous waterfall. It had been quite a dry summer, so the waterfall was apparently just about as unimposing as it got, but in my Finnish eyes it did look spectacular indeed.

The route to the waterfall was surprisingly long. It took us half an hour to get in sight of the waterfall from where we parked our car, but it took another hour of walking to actually reach it. The scale of the thing was just unimaginable.

I chose to show this photo in black & white, rather than in color, as the monotone colors of the rock were better accentuated this way.

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