Monday, November 25, 2013

Photo of the Day #38: Inverse Niagara

Who said you have to take a picture of the Niagara Falls when you visit Niagara Falls? I was in Canada in July 2009, for a polymer chemistry conference in Montreal. I took some extra days off to see the Niagara Falls, with a friend of a friend as a guide.

I rented a car from Montreal, but there was one slight inconvenience: I had only reserved a car and assumed that I could rent a navigator from the rental company. I wasn't prepared for the fact that I collected the car from a pick-up spot, with absolutely no additional facilities -and definitely no navigators for rent.

Well being the boy scout that I am, I purchased a map of Ontario and informed the friend of a friend that I would be arriving in about eight hours. Had the destination been Niagara Falls, the trip would have been slightly less eventful, but as it were my destination was a small town called Port Colborne, a 40 km additional drive from the larger road.

I did have relatively good driving instructions there, but as the last 20 km were on rather small country roads, I did manage to panic a bit and drive just a bit to the wrong direction. But after a helpful phone call I found myself there and was greeted with genuine Canadian hospitality.

I'll leave the story on the Niagara Falls trip to a future post, but I'll just note that this photo of the cliff face is in my opinion better than any I took of the actual falls.

P.S. Cory: if you ever want your bread knife back, you're welcome to Finland anytime :)
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