Monday, December 09, 2013

Photo of the Day #52: The Black (& White) Forest

After the hot air balloon incident that broke my Canon 5D, I went back to using my old Canon 400D camera until I got the 5D repaired. Well as bad luck doesn't come alone, the LCD of my 400D broke, so I was forced to shoot "film style" -i.e. I only saw what I shot after downloading the photos onto my computer.

On most occasions it was surprisingly easy to adapt to the old way, but there were some surprising results. One of them was a trip to a castle near Pau, on the foothills of the Pyrenees. We located the castle on tourist maps and inserted the coordinates to our GPS. Knowing how things work in France, we weren't too surprised that the navigator lead us to a tiny dirt track in the middle of nowhere, with very little in ways of directions to tourists.

Finally just a bit before the castle started looming ahead, the signs for the castle started showing: very convenient for the travelers without navigators. The castle itself had been under disrepair for a long time, until helpful locals had started an organization to renovate the place and start historical reenactments and such. The French state apparently doesn't care about rural castles -they seem to have way too many to bother about all of them.

The castle has a very tall tower and the view were spectacular. I got some really nice shots from all over the surrounding countryside and the mountains. It was only when we got back home I realized that the camera had been set to black & white mode at some point. All of the pictures with splendid colors were now in monochrome.

Well when live gives you lemonades, better lemonade out of them...
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