Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Photo of the Day #47: A Moment of Calm

I can't call today's photo Peerless Pier, or Aulanko at Dawn, as I've used both phrases already, so I have more freedom to express the emotions this photo brings up.

It was my habit, especially when I was a bit younger and more energetic, to wake up before sunrise and walk or cycle to places of interest and catch photographs in the warm morning light, in blissful solitude.

On one such morning in August 2004 I was walking in Aulanko and looking at all of the places that belonged to my childhood summers, such as the Aulanko beach. The beach is a rather short stretch of sand in an otherwise boggy shoreline, that draws to people around it to swim in the usually quite chilly waters.

That morning, much before most people had risen up, let alone thought of going out, the beach was entirely empty and the water of lake was perfectly still. The cold dawn air was drawing moisture from the warmed lake, creating a thin layer of haze on the surface. The sky was clear but for a few strands of clouds in the distance.

I had plenty of time to marvel at the sight and set up the picture so that all of the elements would be in place. The small speck of the Aulanko Tower rising above the treeline makes is a clear marker: this is Aulanko. I was happy to be there.
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