Sunday, December 08, 2013

Photo of the Day #51: Balls in Bilbao

We were in the north of Spain for our Honeymoon in August 2011. One of the main destinations for us was Bilbao and especially the Guggenheim museum. At the moment the Guggenheim foundation would like to build a museum in Helsinki as well, so an analysis of the museum from that perspective is rather interesting.

Bilbao used to be the rather poorly known main city (not the capital) of the Spanish Basque Country, with roughly the same population of the Helsinki Metropolitan area (1 million), with the people speaking the non-Indo-European basque language. Through the construction of the Guggenheim museum the city has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, with people also visiting historical attractions and eating the delicious basque cuisine.

From my personal perspective, the museum itself is very beautiful and fits the mood of the city perfectly. As the art exhibits in the museum are mainly modern installation pieces, I wasn't very impressed with the insides, but just the experience of walking in the huge titanium ship pays off the price of the ticket.

As is my habit, I decided not to try to replicate the iconic images with the ship-shaped museum glinting in the evening sun, with the mountains in the background, partially just because I didn't have the correct light or the vantage point for such a picture. So I decided to capture the essence of the building with a little something else, by focusing on the balls in the pond in front of the museum.
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