Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Photo of the Day #46: Pining for Summer

We rented a summer cottage in Kirkkonummi for the whole summer of 2012. With our budget we couldn't obtain much of a cottage, but the location was lovely.

There was no running water, but the well water came by pump, so we were quite comfortable. As for the washing up, we had the sauna on every night, as the Finnish summer isn't that warm. We had a rowing boat at a lake nearby, and we managed to go rowing every now and then.

But the best part was the garden. We lived in an apartment block at the time, so we didn't have a garden and the idea of spending summer nights either trapped inside, or always thinking of where to go didn't sound appealing.

The garden was a veritable jungle, with huge boulders, shrubs, trees, berry bushes, flowers and several small buildings, functioning as lavatories, sheds, and even as a guest house (we never used it). Even though the cottage was up a small hill, it was so shadowed by large spruce and pine, that the light was mostly diffuse, while being bad for some photography, suited rather well for close-ups and details.

Thus I snapped quite a few photos of details, such as this branched pine tree with a colony of both lichen and moss.
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