Saturday, December 07, 2013

Photo of the Day #50: The Last Days of Summer

I was in Crete, Greece, in October 2005. The trip was a graduation present from my parents, with the added bonus of them coming along there with me. Although the warm summer weather that draws most people to Crete was slowly changing to the autumn weather, that's still plenty warm by Finnish standards.

Our plan was to experience as much and as varied a plate of Crete as was convenient in the time we were there. We saw the old ruins of Knossos, hiked in the mountains, toured the shores and beaches and visited the towns of Chania and Iraklion. After an eventful week the last day of the trip was just spent going for a lunch outside the town and then going to the beach in the afternoon.

The sea was already quite cold, so very few people were swimming anymore, especially as the sun was setting and the temperature was dropping. However there was at least one boy enjoying the moments in the waves, before the sun set. He seemed to be having a good time.
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