Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Photo of the Day #69: Peekaboo

It's always hard to photograph someone statues, as one faces the question "what makes this mine, and not just a reproduction someone else's art". These two ladies playing peekaboo somehow pass that test for me.

While living in the south of France, we visited Bordeaux, the state capital of our adoptive state Aquitaine. The city, while not actually being that large (the size of Espoo, our current home), has an incredible history, which has resulted in a myriad of impressive parks, buildings and especially statues.

Place des Quinconceshe is the largest city square in Europe and the The Girondists monument at the center acts as a beacon for all local residents. The ladies are probably a familiar sight to everyone who passes by, but I wonder whether they've really looked at them?

There's just something alluring in their gazes. I guess they are meant to represent the fallen republicans during the French revolution. Is her face meant to portray courage under immense brutality, or something completely different. We'll never know, but we're certainly left wondering.

P.S. This might be December 27th (or 28th)
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