Monday, January 06, 2014

Photo of the Day #66: The Soviet Street

On our last day in Copenhagen we decided to walk from the city center along Nörrebrogade just a couple of kilometers to the northwest as we'd heard that there were some nice second hand shops there.

The reason why there would be so many second hand shops was quite obvious: the relatively Danish faces one saw in the center rapidly changed into a much more ethnic mix, with a variety of kebab shops and other establishments more closely related to an immigrant community.

Unfortunately most of the merchandise in the second hand shops were less than thrilling and were really didn't find much to our liking. One interesting aspect of the area was this park. It has a large Moskvitš (Looks like Mockbny), a soviet star, and two banner with Chinese characters, one in a soda can. The whole place was very surreal, but represented the multiethnic neighborhood rather well.

P.S. This is for December 24th.

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