Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Photo of the Day #62: The Light and Dark of the Tivoli

Continuing on the Copenhagen theme, today's photo is from the Copenhagen Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in the world. Being more accustomed to Finnish parks, with a huge emphasis on thrilling rides, this version is more of eye candy than actual rides.

The amusement park is located at the smack center of the city in relatively limited space, which makes everything jam packed and quite claustrophobic. Especially around Christmas all of the people of Copenhagen feel it their civic duty to attend the Tivoli, at least just for the experience of being there.

The ticket cost 100 krona, or 14 €, and the only thing you get with it is the chance to see the Tivoli close by. Fortunately the park is full of other things you can do, if you have the money for it. We weren't really interested in the rides, so I just ate some rather lousy danish coffee, which is more famous for its quantity rather than its quality and a mediocre version of local ginger bread. Otherwise we just marveled at the lights and complained a bit about the drizzling rain.

This photo is from a rare quiet spot, looking over a pond at a magnificently lit tree, with it branches slightly swaying in the wind.

P.S. This is for December 20th.
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