Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photo of the Day #9

Todays photo is intentionally inferior (at least in some aspects) to other photos of the day. I decided to dig deep into my archives and try to find the "first presentable photo" I've taken. Due to some problems in image transfer from CDs to my home computer, I've lost some nice photos, so this is the first good photo I was able to retrieve.

Ten years ago, in 2003, I went to Newcastle, England, as an exchange student. I already had a film SLR camera, which I tried to use as much as I could, considering that film (and development) wasn't cheap. During that time Canon launched its first "cheap" digital SLR camera, Canon 300D, for "just" 1000 €, and I decided that I could just about afford it. In the spring of 2004 I was finally able to shoot as many photos I had ever wished. Sad to say the skills I had gathered during three years of shooting with film cameras (first with a point and shoot, then with a film SLR) weren't phenomenal.

Very very slowly I began to understand what made I good photo and what ruined it. I was still using the cheapest lenses possible and a flimsy tripod, but when everything clicked, the mediocre gear wasn't a problem.

This photo is of Edinburgh in June 2004. I was at a final round-trip around the UK with my parents and my sister after my exchange year was over. I was at a hill overlooking the city center and everything just seemed to click into place and I got this photo.

In hindsight there would have been many things to improve, but this is the first photo I can claim as mine, and not cringe ;)
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