Monday, March 28, 2005

Photo Project

These past few months I've been helping a friend with a photography assignment for his college entrance exam/assignment. He's an extremely talented artist, but has very little experience in photography, so I've been assisting him.

He was to take five photographs depicting a meaningful even for him. At first I helped quite a bit in visualising the series as a story, with a beginning, middle and end. I tried to be loose in a way so as not to make the project look like me, but like him. Little by little I was able to decrease my impact and increase his, up until the moment, when we did the principal photography.

He had sketched a story of his realisation of how God guides his life and how the realisation dramatically altered his perception of life. He started with modelling a clay grotesque (he prefers creating such
images), then placing the grotesque in different positions in regards to a crucifix (depicting his relation with Christ).

At first Christ was in his life, but not affecting him much:

Blindfold and an out of focus crucifix in his shadow.

Then he notices God's presence in his life:

Blindfolded, but facing the crucifix.

Then he acknowledges his power and good will:

Kneeling, no blindfold, focus on the crucifix.

Then he strives to do God's will:

Climbing to the heavenly lit crucifix.

Finally he's at peace with God:

Holding the blindfold, reaching a hand towards the heavenly lit crucifix.

I have to say that with all the work he has put into the project, not only in this, but in painting (which is his strongest field) and other work as well, it'd be a right shame if he didn't get in.

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