Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Free again!

I'm free again! I've been organising all manner of things and getting ready for this and that. Our christian student group, Pilke, organised two event: a talk be the evangelist Kalevi Lehtinen and a viewing of "The Passion of the Christ" and I've been one of the main organisers in both and let me tell you I'm so releaved to have finally gotten them out of my way.

I was also at a job interview yesterday -if all things go well I'll be teaching chemistry to med school applicants (here in Finland you have to pass an entry exam to get into almost anything). That would be nice. Then I'd be able to buy that 12-24 mm Sigma wideangle zoom.

I've also had a ton of exams and I have only one to go, so graduation here I come!

On a lighter note I've been also taking photos whenever I've had the time and weather's been permitting. See the results for yourself:

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