Thursday, February 27, 2014

Photo of the Day #94: I'll Jump -Don't Try to Stop Me

We had a lovely balcony garden at our home in Pau. The balcony itself was a crude construction: one meters by eight meters of pale yellow concrete. Our way to mask the crudeness was to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables (eggplants and tomatoes) on every available square meter.

The plants were soon crawling with all manner of critters, such as aphids, spiders, lady bugs and grasshoppers like this fellow here. The larger insects were okay, but the aphids and other small critters did their best to try to kill all of our plants, so we were at constant war with them.

This grasshopper didn't seem as much intent on destruction and mayhem of our plants, but it did look a bit suicidal, as if it was saying "I'll jump -don't try to stop me".
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