Monday, February 24, 2014

Photo of the Day #91: A Sheep Slope

Okay -I could have been a bit more creative with the title, but I just can't help when I see a nice pun coming along.

The other side of the Pic du Midi D'Ossau isn't apparently exactly public land anymore, but belongs to someone (or several people?) who tend their sheep on the slopes. Well we got to seem them close by (see tomorrows photo), but even from afar they added a nice touch to the scene. The bulb-shaped shadow comes from the Pic du Midi itself.

As a side note this photo was a bit of a challenge, as the contrast between the area basking in the sunlight and the shadow was way too much for my camera, so I took several pictures and stitched an HDR photo from them. Nothing too unusual there, but to be able to show the sheep and still have a realistic looking edge between the bright and the shadow proved to be more than a bit difficult. Now the photo looks quite unrealistic -I'll probably redo the photo again and try to be a bit more realistic.
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