Saturday, February 10, 2007

Updates for the site!

It's been forever (about a year) since my last entry, so my original purpose for this Blog hasn't really been fulfilled. I guess I won't be 'able to' update regularly, so I'll change function of this blog slightly.

From now on I'm mostly going to report on new ventures and new
pictures. Perhaps something else, but knowing me, probably not.

o here are some new additions to my main site:

Wallpaper gallery is the biggest change. Now you can download some of the cooler pictures for your desktop. I can
even increase the number of wallpaper pictures if I get any requests.

(don't click the picture unless you wan't the full 1280 x 902 pixel picture)

I've added plenty of pictures, but the title images of each gallery are still unchanged.

The last year has been a bit slow for nature photography, but hopefully I can still turn the boat around.

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