Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo of the Day #107: Pods Galore

Today's photo is of a very familiar sight to anyone who has used the ferries crisscrossing the Baltic sea. These containers (or pods?) obviously obviously have something to do with the safety on board, but looking at the picture, I just realized I don't exactly know what they are.

They could be an inconvenient lifeboat, but considering that there is no opening and as it looks very easy to capsize, I'm not so sure. Of course they could contain emergency supplies, but then again the coast is less than fifty kilometers away at any point, so stocking up doesn't seem to be that important.

In the end I tried to google them, but as I'm not exactly sure what they are called, I ended up with nothing. It's like Ylvis says "an ancient mystery that no-one knows"...
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