Sunday, July 08, 2012

Splendor of the Pyrenees: Part 2 Appendix -hunt for the lost photos

I just realized that I had stored my best photos of the Lescun trips in a separate folder. No wonder I was quite disappointed by how the photos turned out -they were much more grey in general than I recalled.

I won't be telling the same story all over again, but I'll share the better (in my opinion) pictures with you:

Ross examines the rocky water trough (which actually looks more like concrete now that I look at it more closely).

For whom the bell tolls ;)

The academic hikers...

Mountain pastures.

The way kids always draw trees.

The weary traveler Jose.

Professor Sylvie looks just a bite like a school kid.

It really was that steep.

A mountain lunch the French way: some wine and bread.

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