Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chemistry vs. photography

It's been forever since my last post. In large part it's because of the stress that my postgraduate studies bring. I tend to work at least an hour overtime each day and when things don't go well, it shows in not having too much 'power' to do other things.

Well things gave been improving recently for several reasons. Firstly I managed to take a week off and go for a holiday in Crete. I spent the week relaxing and photographing a very different environment compared to Finland. And I really think I got several WOW-shots.

And things are looking good at work. I've managed to prepare a synthesis for covalently photopolymerizing fullerenes into sol-gel matrices. There's a lot of questions before understanding that phrase, but with the links you might have an idea what I'm doing.
What is especially nice is that if I manage to do it, it'll be the first time ever in the world. Granted that the field is quite narrow, but first ever is still first ever.

Assuming that things go well, I'll be traveling to the University of Trieste to improve my skills in organic synthesis for a month or two. And I'm sure I'll get some wonderful opportunities for photography as well.

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